Formed in 2016 by Ryan Clark, aka Batty von Bats, Electric bat Records is a boutique label that aims to provide unique experiences and products for our artists and our fans. Genre wise, we are focusing on the nebulous Electronic Noire sound.

We will be working with our artists to release and distribute not only your typical band merchandise - CDs, digital releases, t-shirts and stickers - but we will also work with them to develop unique products that showcase the personalities of the artists behind the music. Additionally, we believe in artist development and will support our rosters career development offering to support with touring, live show development and professional networking opportunities.

For our fans, we offer that small business feel because we are a small business. We look forward to developing personal relationships with you. We hope you will enjoy the products we will be releasing and we look forward to hearing from you about what we are doing - both good and bad - in the months to come.