2017 is in Full Swing

    2017 is more than a third done and we hear at Electric Bat Records have just hit our stride! Going forward expect updates every Monday. But for now, here is a quick catch up!

    We just released a brand new single from our industrial beat poets, Cyphier, called Punch a Nazi. While not subtle by any stretch, fascism is not to be dealt with subtly. Included in this great single are remixes by nTTx (WTII Records) and Code 000 (Hope Mansion Records) along with a cover the classic Hall of Mirrors by Kraftwerk.

    We also have pre-orders for Slutmother’s EBR debut. The Chora is a challenging EP where Alia Synesthesia, Ashley Neuf-Oonze, and Lady J.C. weave a haunting and hopeful feminist vision using their minimal industrial beats and Alia’s operatic vocals.

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